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Related post: Date: Tue, 09 May 2006 15:10:54 -0400 From: m yonge Subject: What If: The Ranger BaseDISCLAIMER: This is juliet models a story out the fantasy that is my mind. It is a story that deals with homosexual material. If you live in a jurisdiction that by some law or reason prohibits you from reading teen model jessi this material then please do not read any further. If homosexual material like this offends you then you should stop reading as well.Though frankly if homosexual material offends you I can't understand why you would be here young model fourm in the first place.The following is a list of other stories that I have written and posted in Nifty.orgTitle Category DateJoes-Bar models 13yo nude teen model quinn Beginnings 07-Nov-02 Arthur and Joe Beginnings 03-Apr-03 Tour Guide AdultYouth 15-Apr-03 Brother Pat AdultYouth 07-Nov-02 Father Greg AdultYouth 15-Apr-03 JeffryandJason free vlad models AdultYouth sexy teenie models 18-Jul-05 Of Gord and John play boy modell Beginnings game model xxx 29-Aug-05 Sons of Seth and Cain Celebrity 24-Oct-05 Ham Celebrity 28-Oct-05 Aaron and Zaph Historical 14-Nov-05 What If\Ralph Adult Friends 02-Dec-05 What If\The Reverend Adult Friends 06-Dec-05 What If\ The Gym Adult Friends 07-Apr-06The copyright of this material whynotmodels is mine, subject to the agreement under this website. I trust that you will enjoy reading the stories as much as I have enjoyed writing them.If you have any comments to pass on, I would very much like to have them. You can write me at: myongehotmail.comMike INTRODUCTION TO THE SERIES: What if?: Have you ever asked that question? Have you ever wondered what life would have been like if at any particular time things had turned out differently? As I grow older I find my self wondering more and more what would have happened if I had done this instead of that and so on.I think we can all look back over our lives and point to specific times or incidents that were turning point moments in our lives. They were times that we were put in the position to make a decision to go one way or another. And we wonder 'Had things turned out differently or if we teen art model or others had made different choices in our lives how would it have turned out?' Who knows how they might have turned out? But it is certainly a source of much fantasyI can think of numerous circumstances, incidents and choices that I made at various times in my life, that had I moved in a different direction, I might well not be where I find myself in today.That is what this series is about.. What could have happened? Sometimes they were indeed life altering decisions. Sometimes it is just something that could inocent models porno have happened, or looking back I would have liked to have happened.At any rate I christina model pool hope you enjoy these little flights of fancy with me Chapter Five: The Ranger BaseThis sarka model teen episode preeten child model is based on the event that started this whole series. It is the very thing that I have always wondered ukraine porn model about. What would have happened if I had done something that day,In 1971 I was working on a live-in Ranger Base in Northern Ontario. It was located about a quarter mile off the highway on a large lake, ukrainien nimphets models at the mouth of a small river that flowed into the lake. The location provided me with endless hours of hiking, swimming, fishing and rock climbing. I loved it there.During the winter there were not a lot of us at that station. But during the summer the population model sex top of the base doubled in number with a number of young students who came to work mainly on the fire crews. I was by that time struggling with my sexuality. It was not a very good model baby drowns time for me. I was busy denying what I knew to be true. In real life that would go on for another 30 some yearsOn weekends I would often take the bus into the city about an hour and a half away. It was not long before I found the corner store that sold pornographic nude model atlanta material including homosexual magazines. I also model of cars found a used book store in which I found some books that fed my desire for gay excitement. The forbidden fruit as it were. I found my first Gordon Merrick book "The Lord Won't Mind"So perplexed was my mind cambodia teen models at that time I models young pre would buy some of the material, magazines or books , read them and then tear them up in a rage discountinued models gibson of repentance. And then a week or two later I would be back in town and do it all over again. During that time I did not have any relationships with any men. or women for that matter. However there was one opportunity that came my way that summer.We were all swimming one warm evening about mid summer. As we swam a car drove up and just parked. nonude model tiny I didn't notice him pull up we were just goofing around in the water. One of the other guys however made mention "The queer is here, he was seen over in the reserve the other day they said"When I heard that I know that my heart skipped a beat. This could be my chance to see what it is all about, what Gordon Merrick was talking about in his book and what I was checking out in the magazines. But how?Some of the guys were heading up to the staff house. I lingered back a bit until I was the only one left. One of the guys called to me "c'mon Mike it's almost supper""comin' " I called as I picked up my towel and dried my hair. All the time I stared at the car, at the driver. To get to the staff house we had to walk past the car. I kept my eye on the driver till I was close enough to make actual eye contact. (You know what I mean, you can see someone from afar but it is not until you are a christina model xxx certain distance before you can see the eyes) I looked at his face. (I'm a real face man, if the face lia model forum doesn't appeal to me I usually back off.) He had a pleasant enough face. As we made the actual eye contact he tilted his head and raised an eyebrow, then teenage latina model smiled. I venus bikini models smiled back.He looked over to where the others had disappeared by now. We were alone at least briefly. He nodded "hi" to me"Hi" I said "Can I help you?""Maybe you can" he smiled as I watched him eyeing me up little models voyeur and down. I could feel myself getting excited changed model transtheoretical and I was sure he could see that I was getting aroused (in those days our bathing suits were more tight fitting than they are today) "You have supper, but maybe we could meet after supper and you can help me" he winkedI know I blushed and my heart was pounding. "Yeah maybe I could. uh I could meet you off the nn thong models highway junior nn model over by the river. on the other side of the highway there is a trail you can pull into" I said pointing the direction of the highway."Sounds great" he said "about an hour? Half hour?""Yeah" I said moving away. One of my buddies came to the door to see what was taking me. The man started his car and pulled out of the drive."What the hell he want? Dave asked"Just wanted some directions I guess" supermodels celebs I answered, my towel female buttock models now hanging sort of in front of me to hide a raging hardon. Mind you with Dave coming out, the fear made short work of it. I went inside and ran upstairs to get changed for supper. The cook did not take kindly to us coming in late. She was not the greatest cook and sometimes we really didn't want to eat, but if we were going to, we had better be on time.About a half hour later I was back up in my room, trying not to be too obvious. Mind you I often si models went for walks after supper so no one would bother questioning me but I just wanted to be sure just in case. After a few minutes, I went to the washroom and brushed my teeth and then without a word to anyone I took off.Once out of child modeling thong sight of the Staff house I ran teen model darla up the road to the highway. As I came to the highway I looked over to where I had told him to wait and child model iboard through the trees and underbrush I could see a glint of something the colour of his car. "It's russian models child now or never " I told myself. I lexus 2007 model ran down the hill and crossed the highway. I quickly ran down the trail off the highway. And there he was! Leaning against the back of his car smiling at me. I almost came right there and then erika model underwear I was so excited. I knew what I was doing, I also hoped I had not mirco bikini model read him wrong. At the same time I was terrified.He pulled himself to standing and took a step toward me extending his hand to shake. "Hi I'm Greg. I'm glad you came, I wasn't sure if you would."Neither was I" I said, panting a little from the run and taking his hand. "I'm Mike"Greg looked to be in his early to mid thirties. He was a good looking man, who obviously took care of himself. He wore a snug T-shirt and tight enough jeans.He didn't let go my hand and I didn't try to take it back. "You were looking pretty good in that bathing suit Mike, would have liked to see more." He winked and grinned at me.I of course blushed I didn't know what to say."Is there some place we can go that some of the other guys won't come across us?" he asked. He turned and put his arm over my shoulder, causing me to shiver, as we walked back to his car."Uhh.. yeah we could go down the highway abit there are a couple bush roads that no one uses anymore but I think you can drive up them a bit.You know, he had the most beautiful, the most sensuous brown eyes. I knew that whatever he wanted me to do those eyes would make me do it. He opened the door for me and I got in. Then he ran around the front and got in his side. He smiled at me and patted my upper leg. "I think I'm going to like you " he said softly.We drove about five minutes to the old road that I remembered seeing. He pulled into it and we found that it was drivable for a considerable distance. When we got models teen nn out we could see the lake through the trees. He put his arm over my shoulder and we walked toward the lake."You're new to this aeroteam model company aren't you Mike"I nodded "Yeah""So you have never done anything with another man Mike?""No"He turned me to face him and kissed me on my mouth. I melted into him, into his eyes. The touch of his lips on mine sent tremors through my entire body. All I 1997 jeep models sting bikini models could do was groan. When his tongue seconds later came probing at my lips I opened to him eagerly. If there model 14yo had ever been any doubt as to my orientation that one kiss swept those doubts away.We stood there and kissed for along time. Now to say we kissed . I wouldn't have you think that nothing else was happening because you would be gravely mistaken. We were exploring each other's bodies. There was some things that just come natural to us aren't there. I wanted to touch every inch of his body and he seemed to be of the same inclination.I felt his hands fumbling at the zipper amateur teenie modeling of my jeans. It anschutz model 1450 was not long before they were at my ankle mandy young model and Greg was on his knees before me. I had my head thrown back with my hands on loita models links his head as I felt the most intense sexually electric shock wave rushing through my body that I ever thought would be possible. My knees fairly gave out and I was leaning into Greg as my cock exploded into his mouth. I bit my lip to keep from screaming out. I couldn't believe that anything could feel so good, I never wanted it to stop."Ohhhnnn greg, Ohhhnnnnnnn Greg!" I moaned as things started to subside "That was like nothing I have ever felt before"He smiled up at me some of my semen on his lips and chin."Can I do that to you now?" I asked.Greg nodded " I would really like that Mike. He got up and we kissed. I could sivia teen model taste my semen on his tongue as we did so. It was not my turn to bring his pants down and kneel before him. I could feel myself getting hard again just thinking about what I was about to do. His cock sprang out at me as I pulled his jeans down. He was not wearing any underwear. Like mine his cock was cut or at least the foreskin was rolled back over the rim. He looked to be about the same length as mine and same girth. All this was going through my mind as I steeled myself for my first taste of cock in my mouth.I closed my eyes. As I did ls models tgps so I felt his hands on the back of my head gently urging me forward."Go ahead Mike" He said softlyI licked my lips instinctively pulling them over my teeth as I let his flesh slide into my mouth. It felt exquisite. Words to describe the texture of his member sliding over my tongue fail me other than to say that first touch, sensation had me hooked for life. After the initial tentative touch I couldn't get enough and I was soon sucking and big breasted models licking and swirling my oklahoma nude models tongue around his cockhead.He models brittnee karlee didn't last much longer than I did and I found myself the recipient of a huge mouth full of hot semen. At first ace models teens I didn't know what to do and almost choked. yo models illegal Then natural responses kicked in and I began to swallow it. It is black ship models not easy to preeten naked model swallow with a large object being forced into the back of your mouth but I managed. Greg was shouting out his pleasure.When things settled down I nude models hires stood again. Greg pulled me into a close embrace and we kissed again. "I'm glad we met tonight Mike." He whispered"Me too, I'd like to do this again" I replied."What are you doing for the weekend?""Well I usually go down to the city and hang out"Why don't you come to naked model cartoons my place for the weekend and really hang out" I felt his teen model youngest hand on my again hard cock He grinned at me looking hopeful."Where do you live?""Take the bus to Hurkett Junction, I'll meet you at the stop. ""you really want to see me for the weekend?""Oh yeah Mike you had better believe it. We are going to have a time like you have never had."It getting toward dusk, the mosquitoes had started to find us so we got dressed again."I guess I better get back or they'll be wondering where I've gotten too" as we walked back to the car. bonnie model nn We kissed passionately.He drove me back to the top of the road that uk teen modelling led to the Base and let me out."Saturday morning OK?" he said as I got out."I can't wait Greg, I wish it was tomorrow."I closed the door and stood back to watch as he drove away. Then I ran down to the Base. My whole body was still tingling with what had happened to it.The next day Friday seemed to drag on forever. The next morning I would picking up the bus on the highway at about 6:00 AM. A couple of the guys asked what I was doing for the weekend. One even offered to take me to the city as he was going as well. But I told him that I was going to meet a friend on Saturday morning so I would take the bus as he was going on Friday night.That night I hardly slept. I was sorely tempted to jerk off but wanted to save my self for what was most assuredly going to happen over the weekend and I didn't want to waste anything into the full figured model toilet at the base.There was indescribable turmoil racing through my mind at the time as well, which if nothing else only heightened my excitement. What was I doing? kendall payne supermodels What about my Christianity? What this sin that I was blatantly choosing to do? I was indeed choosing to meet with Greg. There was no doubt that this was going to happen. There was no stopping me in my resolve. Have you ever been in a situation that although you know you should not go somewhere or do something, there kiddy pics model is something drawing you inexorably to it? You find there is nothing you can do about it . You have absolutely no power over what is going to happen. That is what this was like. In some ways I knew I should not be doing this but I was powerless to resist.The next morning I slipped out of the staff house russian models young quietly while most of the guys that were still there slept. I hurried up the road to the highway so that I could catch the Grey Goose bus that would be coming by shortly. What a pleasant surprise to see Greg's car parked at the highway. My heart jumped when I saw him.I opened the door and jumped in. He leaned over and kissed me. I felt the thrill of it drive right through to my groin. "I thought I would come and get you, we can go get some breakfast and then go to my place.""Thank you so much Greg, I'm so glad to see you" I bubbled with excitement "I thought this morning would never come and now to see grandmother sex models you here WOW!"Greg Laughed and took my hand as we drove off down the highway. We chatted and became more acquainted model amanda watts as we drove. I told him of some of my hopes and dreams. He told m what he was about. ballet nude models He was an engineer with a emmie child model local pulp mill. We talked about our mutual fears of being discovered. In my job and his, you certainly didn't make it public that you were "that way"By the time we had driven the half hour to strawberry model teen the restaurant we were quite well acquainted. I was finding that I liked Greg . a lot. I don't know if it was because I have always found it very easy. too easy to form a bond with people, or because he genuinely was a good man. What ever the case, the longer we talked the more I liked him. bb model lilly He was a good looking man. He was easy to talk to. Like me he laughed easily. He seemed to be a gentle sort modell teen girl of man. We seemed to think alike about black modell nude a lot of things.We held hands most of the way. His hand, his fingers pre tenn models entwined in mine felt so good, so comfortable. I felt a pang bandai steam model of chemal teen model almost sorrow when he took his hand away and we pulled into the parking lot of the restaurant.We went in. It was a typical highway truck stop type of restaurant. Good food, ***** prices. Greg seemed to know a few of the patrons and the waitresses. "I come here often" he said. We sat in a corner booth and just chatted as we waited for our meals, over our coffee that was served us right away. To anyone on the outside we were just a couple guys having breakfast together. There were actually a couple other guys doing the same thing so we didn't stand out. We were just enjoying our time together often laughing at this or that the other might have said.I bought breakfast that morning to Greg's objection. Then we were on the way again the last fifteen minutes of the trip. It was good to have his hand in mine again as soon as we were on the highway.Greg lived off the main road a bit behind the village of Hurkett Junction. He had a small house on a few acres of abandoned farmland. "I'm just letting it grow back in" he explained to me as he got out of the car and he showed me around the yard. model 12 pedo yong teen models We were greeted by a golden retriever with whom I made immediate friends.Inside the house Greg enveloped me in his arms and we kissed for a long time and deeply. I knew I was falling for this virtal model man. I knew girls lingerie models it was too fast but I couldn't help myself. I just hoped that he felt the same about me.He led pantie models gallerys me to his petite nudeart models bedroom where he welcomed me to himself and model litlle teens we made marvellous love together. That weekend he taught me, I'm sure, everything there was to know about the incredible pleasures of gay love. By the time I got in the car on Sunday night for him to bring me home again, I didn't want to nn models legal leave and I knew beyond doubt that I was very much in love with Greg.As we kissed at the road leading elite model imagesizelarge to the base he said "I love you Mike. I know it is quick but I know I love you so much""Ohhnnnn Greg, I wanted to stephanie childsupermodel tell you the same thing but I was afraid you would russia vladmodel think me some crazy kid who was suffering from some kind of infatuation. I love you too Greg I love you so much I never want to part from you"We agreed that we would pregnant models galleries meet every weekend at least. And so we did, sometimes I would take the bus sometimes he would come up to get me. Always the realization that he and I together, whether in the throes of love making or just sitting together on the porch in the evening sun, was so right. We belonged together. That fall I was laid off. I figured that was it and made plans to go home to my folks and see if I could find work down in Montreal. Talking to my supervisor at the time he suggested that something might come up later but boys model he wasn't sure when. I knew I could get some unemployement insurance. Greg suggested all macandbumble models that move in with him and look for work in the area. bella model toplist He didn't have to ask me twice.Later on in the fall model rubber winders I was offered another part time job at the same place. A job that became permanent the following summer. I learned how to drive a car and bought my self a little Datsun. I didn't go back to live in the staff house. I commuted. My supervisor who lived in Red Rock at the time, and I would russian pretens models often commute forum lia model together.If anyone ever guessed or surmised about Greg and I they never said anything to me. We eventually moved gorgeous girls supermodels into the town of Nipigon where I am working now.Greg retired a couple years back and I retire this year. It has been a great life with him. With the relaxing of the marriage laws in Ontario a couple years ago in the presence of a few close friends and family we formally committed each to the other as we have lived for so many years. I love my Greg and I know he loves me.
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